The "I'm a free-speech guy, but" post

How did Kurtz escape a lefty blog-lynching for this piece? One trackback for reminding “dissident” narcissists that politeness is also patriotic? Richard Cohen wrote an entire column about the hate mail he received when he tried something like that.

He says he’s “a free-speech guy” but … he disapproves of their insistence on speaking empty gestures to power. I’m a free-speech guy too, but … I confess to feeling a frisson of glee at this piece of recent Senate legislation. Fear not: the ACLU is already hard at work making sure that no time, place, or manner restriction shall stay this clan of hateful douchebags from their appointed routes. Also, I’m a free-speech guy, but … someone sent me this link the other day and it made me want to open a vein. What’s with all the news about 9/11 conspiracies lately? Pages like that being circulated, Loose Change on Google Video, that Zogby opinion poll saying 45% of Americans think 9/11 needs to be investigated further — it seems like we’re reaching some kind of critical mass lately, but I’m not sure why. Consider this an open call for the Screw Loose Change guys to offer their theories.

No big conclusion here; just tossing a few links on Friday afternoon.