Bush/Blair Iraq news conference open thread

Appearing together, probably for the last time, at 7:30 EST. I doubt anything newsworthy will be said, but if it is, we’ll have video. For the left, it’s yet another opportunity to accuse Blair of being Bush’s butt boy because he (a) agrees with Bush that radical Islam is a lethal threat and (b) believes that trying to create a democratic model for the rest of the region is the best way to head it off. Totally gay.

If you missed it the first time, have a look now at Blair’s speech from March 21st about the war on terror. The only Democrat I can think of who’d sign onto it is Lieberman — which, of course, is precisely why the Kossacks are trying to take him down.

Speaking of Iraq as a model, there’s good news from Iraq the Model. Shhhhh.


Update: The White House website is carrying it live.