Jesse Macbeth's MySpace page

Not sure if it’s real, but the one blog entry over there is dated March 24, two months before anyone had heard of him. Anyone know if it’s possible to backdate posts at MySpace?

Credit for the link goes to QandO. McQ’s fourth update makes it sound like a photo of Macbeth was originally posted on the MySpace page, and that it’s since been removed. Expect the whole page to disappear shortly; if it does, I’ll post the screencaps here.

Check out the comments that are being left on Macbeth’s blog and, especially, the one from his “friend” on the main page. Hilarious.

We’ve got a new Vent on Macbeth this morning. Watch it if you haven’t yet. Meanwhile, the lie keeps spreading.

Update: One of our readers says he saw the MySpace page before it was altered. See the first comment below.

Update: Some people will believe anything. Follow their link to Google Video, too, and note the description in the sidebar.

Update: Jim “Elite Ultra-Secret Killing Machine” Treacher e-mails to say Macbeth’s stutter must have been caused by PTSD.

Update: Nutroots jerkoffs are pretending none of their fellow troop-supporters on the left were trumpeting the Macbeth video. SFPH wonders how many more would have picked it up if it hadn’t been debunked so quickly.