AmSpec: Blogs lead to intellectual sloppiness

Quin Hillyer makes the case. “Blogs can be fun, entertaining, and informative,” he grants, “but they don’t lend themselves to disciplined thought, much less disciplined writing.”

Elsewhere in the world of disciplined thought, here’s an op-ed column in today’s AmSpec citing a news story that was debunked five days ago.

Doesn’t AmSpec have someone at the top — an executive editor, say — to help make sure such undisciplined nonsense doesn’t make it into the publication? Why, yes! Yes it does.

In fairness to Hillyer, he does get off a few good lines. E.g.,

On blogs, anything and everything goes, including on the blog names themselves: What the heck, for instance, is “Echidne of the Snakes” or “Nyarlathotep’s Miscellany”?

Speaking of discipline, Jon Henke imposes the severest kind on Atrios.