Your daily Ayaan Hirsi Ali fix

It’s Monday, and that’s reason enough. Hitchens ventures once more into the breach, calling Rita Verdonk’s treatment of AHA kafkaesque. Haroon Siddiqui (yes, that Haroon Siddiqui) says it’s no wonder so many Europeans love her: they’re Islamophobes. And the good folks at cite the fact that AHA enjoys state protection as proof that what we really need is a restoration of the caliphate.

Got that Khilafah link off of Google News, by the way. Interesting to see which sites make the cut over there and which don’t.

Finally, the blogosphere’s go-to guy for all things Hirsi Ali has made another video of AHA available via YouTube in which she addresses the charge leveled by Siddiqui that she’s only telling westerners what they want to hear. It’s only four minutes long; don’t miss it.

Update: Dan Riehl says he was bounced by Google News a month ago. Hmmm.