Let the healing begin

He’s back.


The Times says not only might Gore throw his hat in the ring, but we may be staring at a second helping of Waffles, too. Imagine, if you will, a Democratic primary debate in which Hillary Clinton is the livewire. Edwards says he might run, too, although it depends upon his wife’s health and whether the Republican nominee has any gay relatives he can bait. The Thinker is thinking legacy.

Meanwhile, Opinion Journal runs down the Freshmaker‘s strong showing against Lieberman in the Connecticut primary. Bloomberg had a sneak preview on Friday; note the quote from Ed Kilgore at the DLC about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

If you want to know why this is happening — well, we know why it’s happening, but if you want to see it quantified — note this poll from Pew. You simply can’t be a mainstream Democrat if you supported the decision to go to war in Iraq. Unless, of course, you’re Al Gore.