Lazy Monday: slow news link dump

The boss is in NYC today to do a guest shot on O’Reilly. We’ll have the video here later. In the meantime, ain’t nothing going on but the rent. Links to keep you busy:


  • Video of the day: You don’t even have to watch. Just listen to the sound it makes.
  • Runner-up: Superman Returns with a gorgeous, widescreen hi-rez trailer.
  • Runner-up: The Ten Commandments as a teen comedy. Stick with it or you’ll miss Samuel L. Jackson’s “cameo.”
  • Runner-up: The BBC interviews the wrong man. Here’s the background if you missed the story last week. Watch his face when they announce him.
  • Runner-up: Our Paris affiliate, No Pasaran, has video from New York of Eugene Schlanger reciting one of his poems. Why is that interesting? Click and see.

Text links:

Finally, here’s a very cool selection of historic audio from the Free Information Society. I recommend Theodore Roosevelt on democracy followed quickly by Al Pacino from Scarface.