Breaking: Ayaan Hirsi Ali emigrating to U.S.?

Sugiero tips me to this Robert Spencer post quoting Bruce Bawer. Not five minutes before, I got an e-mail from a reader pointing me to this article in Dutch, which mentions AEI. I’m working on confirming it with them right now.

Let me be the first to say: score.

Update: Expatica confirms!

Update: Here’s AHA’s blog. Keep your eye on it for an official announcement. And here’s our Vent from last week on women warriors.

Update: Many thanks to reader Jan J. for this translation of the Dutch article. Note the line about Brookings.

AHA to Washington per September 1

VVD MP AHA will start working for the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank in Washington. She’ll announce this tomorrow in The Hague. Last week AHA reached an agreement with the State Dept. about her security.

Originally she planned to leave for the US on May 1, next year. But since she has to leave her house in The Hague per Aug 27, she requested AEI to be able to start on Sep 1.

Over the last couple of months AHA conducted negotiations w/ two other think tanks, Johns Hopkins U (‘too poor’) and the Brookings Institution (‘didn’t fully agree with my views’).

AHA will finish her book Shortcut to Enlightenment in the US. For a long time, she felt that her presence in the Netherlands ‘was counterproductive’. She told De Volkskrant: “I do more damage then good. My message is being distorted”.

Update: Goldstein: “Today is a good day for America.” Mike Hendrix: “Welcome to freedom, ma’am.”

Update: Sugiero sends along a reaction round-up from Expatica that’s predictable down to the molecular level. My favorite, of course:

The Contact Organisation for Muslims and Government (CMO) indicated on Monday it was not sorry that Ayaan Hirsi Ali is going to American to work. Her strong attacks on Islam have caused “a lot of damage”, CMO secretary Nasr Joemman said. “I celebrate that she is leaving the Netherlands,” Joemman said. “I hope that by her departure we can move forward with building a harmonious society.”

There’s a nice scare quote about the homo-hatin’ dissent-crushing neocon ogres of AEI tucked away at the end, too.

Update: Just received an e-mail from someone who seems to think I’m unaware of Hirsi Ali’s lies on her Dutch asylum application. I’m not.

Update: MEMRI has a new report on women reformists of the Arab world.

Update: Slate rounds up blog reaction to the news. The Times, meanwhile, has a quote:

“I was planning to move to the U.S. when my mandate ended next year,” Hirsi Ali said Monday. “But now it’s time to become a private citizen again.” Being driven from her home, and now being under official investigation, “has made me bring my plans forward.”