Video: Gore plays pretend POTUS on SNL

Here he is in a transmission from “parallel Earth,” making lockbox jokes five and a half years after they went stale. Which tells me Franken probably wrote the sketch. Greeted by wild applause, too, of course; George Bush isn’t my president!

This won’t get as much attention as Colbert’s WHCD gig because Bush didn’t have to sit through it, but it should be good for a small circle jerk nonetheless. They play into the same fantasy, after all: if Colby’s the leader of the Resistance, Gore’s the head of the government-in-exile.

Note the references to “free” universal health care and to the “made-up war,” of which let us say nothing except this. And in case you didn’t know, this idea’s already been done, and done better.

Thanks to Ian Schwartz, our affiliate, for the heads up. He’s posted the entire sketch on his site, Expose the Left.