WaPo: Moussaoui vote was 11-1 for death

And the holdout refused to deliberate or give them a reason. Quoth the foreman:

“I felt frustrated,” she said, “because I felt that many of us had been cheated by the anonymity of the ‘no’ voter. We will never know their reason. We will never be able to hold their reason up to the light and the scrutiny of evidence, fact, and law.”…

“We don’t know whether we covered all of the cons in the deliberations,” she said. “Our sense was this was a done deal for that person and whoever that person is, they were consistent from the first day and their point of view didn’t change.”

WaPo interviewed another juror last week who told them he had voted for life because of Moussaoui’s limited role in the plot. As it turns out, he was the lone dissenter. WaPo called him again tonight to follow up, and…

the … juror said that he is “happy someone else came forward” and that the 12 jurors “differed in the way we interpreted the things we saw and heard.” He declined to discuss the deliberations further.

Stand by for a tedious blog/media wankfest about the majesty of a justice system where one resolute imbecile can spare a mass murderer’s life.

But hey — at least we denied him martyrdom.

Update: Krauthammer says he would have spared Moussaoui too — but for the reason the jury did.