No consequences: Israel to release millions in aid to Palestinians

They’ve ruined themselves nearly as completely as they can — and for precisely that reason, we need to keep paying them. First America, now Israel:


Israel stopped transferring some $55 million in tax and customs revenues it collects monthly on behalf of the Palestinians shortly after Hamas won January parliamentary elections.

The withholding of those funds, coupled with a cutoff in aid from the U.S. and European Union, has left the Palestinians broke and two months behind in paying salaries to government workers who provide for about a third of the people in the West Bank and Gaza.

The potential humanitarian crisis is fueling international alarm.

Amir Peretz, Israel’s new defense minister, is also considering re-opening commercial transit between Israel and Gaza. Because people that elect genocidal anti-Semites deserve nothing less.

The saddest part of this charade?

Gazans are wary, watchful and increasingly angry at their plight. For now they are angry at the United States for withholding financial support over the Hamas victory. But their anger may also turn against Hamas, whose refusal to recognize Israel has isolated its government, some Fatah leaders warn.


It won’t now. No consequences, no accountability, because they know the idiots across their border and beyond the sea will ride to the rescue once things get “bad enough.”

And so, a few more years of “activism.”

There’s news today too about some Hamas leaders agreeing with Fatah on a new platform that would implicitly recognize Israel. You’ll have to read down to the third paragraph to find out where these Hamas “leaders” are, which might have some bearing on why they’re suddenly so Jew-friendly. In any event, cold water from JPost.

Update: Excerpts from the Fatah-Hamas jailhouse pact. Spot the dealbreaker. Two dealbreakers, actually.

Update: Cox & Forkum (who designed the shrieking video guy at the top of our page) sum it up:


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