Chomsky cuddles with Hezbollah, blames U.S. & Israel for Iran's "difficulty"

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Update: Well, we know he’s in Beirut.

Update: Chomsky today: “[U]ntil there is a general political settlement in the region and the threat of aggression and violence is reduced or eliminated, there has to be a deterrent. The Lebanese army cannot be a deterrent.”

Nasrallah last week: Iran has the right to export its nuclear know-how.

Ahmadinejad Sunday on Iran’s “deterrent” pursuit of nuclear “energy”: “‘The Iranian nation has the potential to quickly become an unrivalled world power by obtaining modern technology.'”

Update: Richard Armitage on Hezbollah in 2003: “The A-Team of terrorists.”

Update: While we wait for the heartwarming photos to cross the wires, let’s get up to speed on what’s happening with the folks who hold Nasrallah’s leash. We’re sending them “a strong message” by giving them their choice of incentives or sanctions. But they have to stop enriching uranium. Great! they’ve said; they’re ready to negotiate. Just so long as no one asks them to stop enriching uranium. Result: yet another delay, which of course is what Iran’s been playing for all along. The U.S. accepts it, ElBaradei is giddy about it. Experts say the regime is weak and Israel’s NSA — apparently unaware of Nasrallah’s recent comment — says he doubts they’d share nuclear technology with terrorists. Odd, then, that Israel’s leading newspaper would be worried about whether the country is prepared for a nuclear attack. Meanwhile, in an attempt to buy still more time, Khamenei’s spokesman floats a new nuke proposal to Time magazine, which dutifully prints it and takes it seriously.

Which brings us nearly up to speed. Bryan has the very latest here; and here’s the response from Germany, of all places, which wants the Nazis of the world to know that if they’re thinking of attending the World Cup, they can just keep walking.

Update: Jeff Goldstein “interviews” Chompers. Along the same lines, here’s a funny bit someone tipped me to the other day. It’s a mock interview between Phil Hendrie and “Dean Wheeler,” a terrorist-apologist character cast from the Chomsky mold. Droll, but funny.