Border patrol says they've asked for a retraction

I can’t tell if this guy is (a) nervous, (b) not very good at reciting talking points from memory, (c) just “that way.” But something’s amiss. I suggest 2mg of Klonopin; it might not do him any good, but it’s guaranteed to finally get the lefties exercised about this story.

There’s a mini-scoop here, incidentally, although I don’t think O’Reilly realized it. Sara Carter, the reporter who broke the story about Border Patrol sharing info with the Mexican government, told Michelle late last night that BP hadn’t asked for a retraction. Griffen says here that they have. MM’s going to e-mail Carter and try to get the bottom of it.

(Photoshop by Bryan of Sanctuary.)

Note the end, where Griffen tries to chalk the whole mess up to standard protocol in reporting allegations of abuse by a foreign national to his native government. If that’s all there is to it, how come the Mexican government allegedly knows the whereabouts of Friends of the Border Patrol, which wasn’t involved in apprehending illegals? And as O’Reilly says, why is it that the head of the BP union has gone on record with complaints about the Mexican’s consulate’s influence over the agency?

For what little it’s worth, judging from my inbox, conservatives have never been as mad at Bush as they are right now.

Update: Turns out it’s not just my inbox. CNN has numbers.