Audio: Ayaan Hirsi Ali at Harvard (added: video from Swedish, Norwegian. and Danish TV)

The audio’s a little rough, but thanks and kudos to the fine gent who did us all a public service by recording it. He writes, “I shook her hand, dude.” I’m jealous.

Here’s the page at the Kennedy School about her appearance; note the prominent disclaimer. And here’s our previous post about the talk. Follow the links for descriptions.

The hardcover price at Amazon has dropped to $11.97, by the way.

Update: Many thanks to Sugiero, who’s been a one-man gang in getting the video word out about Hirsi Ali, for tipping us to this clip of her being interviewed on Swedish TV.

Also at YouTube, here’s the Norwegian TV interview that was recently featured at LGF. If you haven’t watched it yet, do so now.

Here’s Part 1. The very beginning is in Norwegian, but the rest is in English:

And Part 2:

Update: Sugiero comes through again with twenty minutes of video from Danish TV. I haven’t watched yet, but he says this one’s a barnburner.