More audio: Ayaan Hirsi Ali on WNYC

New Vent on warrior women is up. Here’s some more audio I found last night, this time from an interview Ali did with Brian Lehrer of WNYC radio. Note what she says towards the end about who the real “tiny minority of extremists” are.

Full interview is here. Previous audio of Ali is here. Watch the Vent and buy the book.

Update: I’m officially smitten.

In part, says Hirsi Ali, the problem is economic. Europe’s regulated economies prevent immigrants from working their way up the economic ladder. “In the United States,” she says, “an immigrant can start a nail shop, and save money. In the Netherlands, you need a diploma to open a nail shop and you must navigate 1,001 rules and regulations. So migrants go on welfare, which kills your dignity and makes you resentful.”