A new foreign-language national anthem -- for Germany

Assimilation follies reach Deutschland:

A Turkish version … could demonstrate how multicultural German society has become. “I would see it as a sign of integration if citizens of Turkish descent could sing the third verse in Turkish,” Hans-Christian Ströbele, a member of parliament for the opposition Greens party, told B.Z. newspaper. “It would symbolize the wide array of languages spoken in Germany.”…

“The German national anthem in Turkish would be the opposite of integration,” [Wolfgang Bosbach, a member of Merkel’s Christian Democratic party,] told B.Z. “Learning to speak and write the German language is the key qualification. So if we were to offer the German hymn in Turkish, it would give the wrong signal for all immigrants living here.”

One key difference between this proposal and “Nuestro Himno”: the Turkish-language version of the German anthem would translate the original lyrics, not replace them.

Listen to the complete version of “Nuestro Himno” here. And here’s the speech Lamar Alexander delivered yesterday to introduce his Senate resolution calling for the Star-Spangled Banner to be sung only in English. “I worry, Mr. President, that translating our national anthem will actually have the effect of dividing us. It adds to the celebration of multiculturalism in our society which has eroded our understanding of our common American culture.” Ted Kennedy … agrees?

Update: Another surprise opponent of “Nuestro Himno”: Antonio Villaraigosa. Kevin Roderick writes:

Mayor Villaraigosa, looking as uncomfortable on camera as I have ever seen him, appeared on tape on “Live with Geraldo” at 11 pm. Villaraigosa told Rivera that the push to translate the Star-Spangled Banner into Spanish is “absolutely ridiculous,” and while expressing support for marchers and immigration reform he also said, in reply to a question: “If you want to be part of this country, you should sing the national anthem in English and you should wave the American flag.” The mayor did wave the flag while on stage at the Wilshire and La Brea rally Monday.