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Managing Editor Ed Morrissey joined HotAir in February 2008 after writing at Captain’s Quarters since 2003. Ed hosts his daily podcast, The Ed Morrissey Show, and does live chats here at HotAir through Facebook Live on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 4:00pm ET. Ed also occasionally fills in for Hugh Hewitt on the Salem Radio Network, and for Drew Mariani on Relevant Radio.  He can be contacted through @edmorrissey on Twitter.

Senior Editor “Allahpundit” has been blogging for HotAir since its inception in April 2006. He is cited in Mary Mapes’s book as one of the right-wing bloggers whose “wild and hateful claims” helped destroy CBS’s story about the Bush National Guard memos, which pleases him to no end.  He writes under a pseudonym to protect the innocent.  He can be contacted through @allahpundit on Twitter.

Weekend Editor Jazz Shaw started contributing to HotAir in 2010 and was named Weekend Editor in 2012. Jazz lives in upstate New York, and on martinis — dry, shaken or stirred.  He can be contacted through @jazzshaw on Twitter.

John SextonContributing Editor John Sexton started writing for the site as a full-time editor in February 2016, after stints at Breitbart and his original blog, Verum Serum. John lives on the West Coast with his family.  He can be contacted through @verumserum on Twitter.

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Jonathan Garthwaite, Vice President and General Manager @JonGarthwaite on Twitter.

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