Jun 2017

The battle for the rubble of Raqqa is underway

Andrew Malcolm Jun 23, 2017 8:51 AM

Won’t be much left.

“what happened that day was emblematic of a deeply troubling trend among progressives…”

Maybe, but we’ve heard this story before

So I take it you’d rather Trump do it himself?

Save the date.

These guys can’t get along with anyone


Handcuffed by her own people

May 2017

Finally, the U.S. helps the Kurds.

“He’s still learning how to be president.”

Is the world watching?

Police chief beheaded.


“troops raided the hideout of a top terrorist suspect in southern Marawi city on Tuesday, sparking a gunbattle…”

Trump: Call terrorists “evil losers,” not monsters.

“They’re all saying I did. So you had another story wrong.”

Except actions don’t always equal rhetoric.

Low expectations met

“The real risk is not just this source.”

“There is an ongoing effort to sabotage Trump personally, politically, professionally.”

Ready to move in June?

“I really made a mess of things this time.”

Apr 2017

“It is upon us, Afghans, to stop the USA.”

“The strike was designed to minimize the risk to Afghan and U.S. Forces…”

Despicable attacks on Christians gathering for Palm Sunday

Too late?

Jared Kushner in Iraq now? He’s a busy guy…

Jazz Shaw Apr 03, 2017 8:01 AM

Full dance card

Mar 2017

US boosts forces in Syria as fight for Raqqa looms

Ed Morrissey Mar 09, 2017 5:21 PM

Kurds up, Turks down?

“This is about providing options.”

Feb 2017

“We either got to win, or don’t fight it at all.”