Jun 2017

Syrian fighter shot down by American Navy jet

Taylor Millard Jun 18, 2017 8:01 PM

Here we go…#headdesk

“The message is that America doesn’t want to lead.”

Save the date.

Jordan to Qatar: Don’t stand so close to me

Ed Morrissey Jun 07, 2017 8:41 AM

Why is this man smiling?

These guys can’t get along with anyone

Whistleblower? Naaah.

Land bridges and conspiracy theories.

Trump about to pull out of UN Human Rights Council?

Ed Morrissey Jun 05, 2017 12:31 PM

Haley: Stop protecting the worst of the worst … its own members.

It’s a sticky wicket

May 2017

Iran can “never, ever … be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon”

Except actions don’t always equal rhetoric.

“Israeli intelligence officials were shouting at their American counterparts…”

Making new friends

Sectarian partition?

Apr 2017


“People were killed because of the actions of one of them.”

“This deal represents the same failed approach of the past that brought us to the current imminent threat we face from North Korea.”

“We need to see Russia choose to side with the civilized world…”

“…let’s think about the possible reasons for Russia’s failure.”

Mar 2017
Feb 2017

How do you say “America was never great” in Farsi?

Also the Muslim Brotherhood?

“I’d like to talk to you how we can ensure that Iran’s aggression does not go unanswered.”

“The Obama administration failed to respond adequately to Tehran’s malign actions…”

Jan 2017

Iran tested another ballistic missile Sunday

John Sexton Jan 30, 2017 3:11 PM

“The Khorramshahr medium-range ballistic missile flew 600 miles before exploding…”

Interesting times

“We’ve got to be able to meet with anyone that we need to if there’s a possibility that we could achieve peace.”

“…they did not respond to requests to slow down”

Dec 2016