illegal immigrants
Oct 2016

CASA activists in tandem with the SEIU.

Sep 2016

On both sides of the pond, illegal immigrants are strangely reluctant to show up for hearings

Aug 2016

What’s that again?

Jul 2016

Philly Democrats ignore reality

No country for “Americans in waiting”

Not that you’ll hear about it on cable news…

Jun 2016

Look out, Federal Express

At the limit of our resources

Catch and release… further away

No subsidies…for now.

May 2016

Put a wall around this city until they can enforce the law

Is it against the Fair Housing Act?

Third time’s a charm?

Spring is in the air

Apr 2016

Welcome mat or door mat?

Have you seen this man?

Mar 2016

What’s in a name?

Those that object to Mr. Obama’s policies should “look for another job,”

Nothing to see here… move along

Is anyone else sensing a pattern?

Feb 2016

Say… that’s a lot of money being shipped back to your country, isn’t it?

Jan 2016

Nationalist includes the word “nation” by the way

“People are afraid to go to work!”

Dec 2015
Nov 2015

“Poor choice of words”

But you could if you actually tried

This should work out fabulously

Oct 2015
Sep 2015

This is just going to be awesome

You do realize that’s against the law, right?

Knock us over with a feather

Aug 2015

Catch and release

An alternate take on immigration reform

Taylor Millard Aug 20, 2015 8:01 PM


And this is the hill we die on

Let’s not criminalize the criminals, now.

Giving the boot