Hillary Clinton
Feb 2017

“The direct communications between the White House and the FBI were unusual because of decade-old restrictions on such contacts.”

“The President’s sudden acknowledgement is a Band-Aid on the cancer of Antisemitism…”

Don’t even think about it …

“Allowing Mr. Pagliano’s conduct to go unaddressed would gravely harm Congress’s ability to conduct oversight.”

Careless whispers.

Still fighting over scraps

Hillary wasn’t the only one

“The weight of the free world is on your shoulders.”

Politico says, “Yes.” I say, “Great Odin, no.”

Hair of the dog.

Jan 2017

Seriously? The guy basically quit his job to campaign for you

“You figure out how to work with them or you’re going to get crushed.”

Are you ready for Hillary, the TV show?

Allahpundit Jan 26, 2017 4:01 PM


“Hatch Act be damned. I am with Her.”

Trump to keep Comey on as FBI chief

Allahpundit Jan 24, 2017 11:21 AM


Former Clinton spokesman implies Trump is a tyrant

John Sexton Jan 23, 2017 5:01 PM

“…Sic Semper Tyrannis — Thus Always to Tyrants.”

Don’t call it a comeback, they’ve been here for years.


“If people think elections are unfair or rigged or fraudulent in some important way, this has an important impact on their basic commitment to democracy.”

Last gasp.

Blue on blue, heartache on heartache.

End of an era of influence

“”I think Donald Trump is just trying to cling to whatever legitimacy still is in effect here.”

“Some of the things that were revealed in this classified briefing — my confidence has been shook.”

WSJ: Time for Comey to go

Ed Morrissey Jan 13, 2017 12:01 PM

The first to hear, “You’re fired”?

“A U.S. election may have been seen as a surrogate battle by those in Kiev and Moscow.”

Dems wonder: Why won’t Hillary just say no?

Ed Morrissey Jan 11, 2017 8:41 AM

“It’s very high school.”

Return of the rule of law.

Meet Hillary’s cabinet that never was

Allahpundit Jan 10, 2017 11:21 AM


Final bill for Hillary futility: $1.2 billion

Ed Morrissey Jan 09, 2017 4:01 PM

“What kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year?”

Hillary for Big Apple mayor? Not so fast…

Jazz Shaw Jan 09, 2017 9:21 AM

Why on Earth would she want that job either?

“Were she to file, de Blasio would have to file his retirement papers on the same day.”

“The Russians felt pretty good about what happened on Nov. 8 and they also felt pretty good about what they did.”

“…they have to suck it up.”