Jun 2017

Failure to protect the city

You know, I may have cracked the case for you, guys

Unsafe at any speed

Not the sort of records you should be striving to break

May 2017

Baltimore book bash boots Dolezal

Jazz Shaw May 31, 2017 8:01 AM

Persona non grata

Internal affairs

You got what you asked for

These are not the changes you were looking for

Better late than never?

Apr 2017

Well… there’s a new approach

Justice, at least for now

Funny how that works

You don’t want *all* your statistics going up

Slowing it down

Mar 2017
Jan 2017

Still a long shot under the best of circumstances

Dec 2016

Exit, stage very far left

Oct 2016

Reform or revenge?

The question comes down to malicious intent

The Department of Justice has ordered some expensive reforms, but they didn’t come with a check

Mayor accuses State’s Attorney of bowing to political pressure and wanting to withhold evidence

Aug 2016

Somebody is watching

Troubled waters

Yeah… that must be the problem

Korryn Gaines shooting — outrage or stupidity?

Ed Morrissey Aug 02, 2016 2:01 PM


Jul 2016

Finally seeing the writing on the wall

Keep on keeping on

As predicted, Mosby goes zero for four

Rapid fire

Mosby rides again… into a storm

The clock is ticking

Jun 2016

As predicted

We should know this week

Wonders never cease

The wheels are coming off

Pass on the jury

Could be Marilyn Mosby’s last dance

May 2016

Not a subject for polite company, apparently

Publicity stunt

Shocking. Which is to say, not shocking at all