The Right has a horrible, knee-jerk habit of blaming the Left for everything. Yes, smear campaigns are a real thing. However, we have a tendency to lean toward that being the case every time. It’s much easier to place the blame elsewhere instead of cleaning your own house. Former Fox News chairman and sleazy CEO Roger Ailes was also accused of sexual harassment, and he left the network last year. It’s safe to say the environment at Fox isn’t what its shiny promos and smiling anchors portrayed.

Misplaced and stubborn loyalties are a problem among members of the Right. There is too much allegiance to a man (or woman), and not enough to ideology. We should raise the bar on what’s right, not resort to the oft-used “What about Bill Clinton?” Right now the issue is a different ‘Bill’ who plays for our team, and we should be just as disgusted.

It’s safe to say the GOP tendency to compromise was on full display this past election cycle. The party chose Donald Trump, a man whose past is overflowing with his own sexual indiscretions. He was (and still is) given a pass because of his bold, brash nature. I guess “telling it like it is!” should relieve the accused of some guilt.