In her post, Brown does not take into account even one mention of the fact that she is terminating a human life. In Brown’s world, her abortion was comparable to being cured of some disease. The unmentioned child was essentially tantamount to a cancerous tumor, the removal of which would allow her to live her fairytale dream life filled with career success, rainbows and lollipops.

As Brown tell is, she became pregnant after a night of drunken sex with an ex she hooked up with “on yet another friendless Friday night.” “I drank too much. I don’t especially remember how, but we wound up back at his place. I do remember asking him to wear a condom. I also remember being too out of it to effectively protest when he declined. The next day, I made an appointment for an STD test, blocked his number, unfriended him on Facebook, and sincerely hoped to never see him again.”

She unfriended him on Facebook? Wow.