Then there’s Marco Rubio, poster boy for immigration reform. That endeared him to the GOP establishment, which desperately wants to improve the party’s standing with Latinos. But it’s likely rendered him radioactive among the right-wing activists who increasingly control Republican money and the power.

Who else? Bobby Jindal? Give me a break. Rick Santorum? Yeah, right. Next you’ll be suggesting Jon “One Delegate” Huntsman.

And that leaves…Jeb! The “smart” brother! Sure, like Rubio, he’s supported immigration reform in the past, but he’s already distanced himself from the issue in a way that Rubio can’t. Yes, Jeb would be freighted by bad memories of his brother’s failed presidency. But he might be helped by warm memories of his father’s presidency, which has gotten much better grades with the passage of time. Not to mention a ton of campaign cash ready to flow through networks built up during the family’s decades in national politics.

Indeed, for the Republican establishment, it may come down to this: Only a Bush can beat a Clinton.