This may sound absolutely crazy, but binge viewing and not being able to share with others is sort of like television masturbation—you are the only one who gets to be satisfied. Sorry, I need to have the exhilaration to enjoy it with someone else (and about 450,000 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook).

On the first night, I watched three episodes of Cards, and would have loved to tweet, Facebook. But I couldn’t. Instead, I had to stay quiet out of fear of someone saying, “Don’t be a spoiler!”

Oh, I get the same when Scandal is on, but that only comes from my friends on the West Coast. At least I can communicate with my folks on the East Coast and in the central time zone about Olivia Pope, Harrison, and Daddy Pope. Thursday nights are now our ritual. We get hyped to see the next episode and wait with anticipation from the moment one episode ends and another it so air.

But what happens when I watch Cards all in one weekend? That’s it. It’s over. No savoring. No “ooh, what’s gonna happen next week.” Nothing. Nada. You watch it, then keep your mouth shut until a lot of time pass before you can even talk about it. Now you’re forced to wait so long to discuss it that by the time enough folks see all of the episodes, you’ve forgotten what the hell happened and you’ve moved on to something else.