Oh no, the Republicans will wail, we can’t do that. It’s too expensive. How would we ever pay for it?

Easy. The same way you and George W. Bush paid for two wars and that expensive prescription drug plan: We’ll borrow the money.

I mean, if we could borrow $1 trillion or so to blow up a couple of Middle Eastern countries, and millions and millions to buy the votes of senior citizens, surely we can borrow $1 trillion or so to take care of the basic healthcare needs of all Americans?

Because isn’t that what it boils down to? Isn’t healthcare a basic need, a basic right, of a U.S. citizen? You know, the folks who live in the greatest country on Earth; the “exceptional” America we hear so much about?

So let’s suck it up. Admit Obamacare is a failure. Of course it is. It’s the worst of both worlds: A Republican plan defended by Democrats.