As she prepares for 2016, is Hillary swapping images with Barry? In 2008, Hillary was the square one, mired in old-fashioned machine politics and an imperious mien, while lithe, smooth Barack Obama sprinted ahead with his sophisticated high-tech campaign and references to Jay-Z. Now Hillary’s looking cool on Twitter, in her shades, with her first tweet heard round the world garnering 366,000 followers in 24 hours, a faster start than her husband and Pope Francis.

Meanwhile, Obama is the square with the didactic mien mired in old-fashioned political scandals, fending off Nixon comparisons and a suspicious press corps aghast at the administration’s willingness to criminalize journalism. Hillary’s popularity numbers have drooped a bit. And she’s had “some dings in the armor” from scandals during her time running the State Department that may cling to her, as the NBC News White House reporter Chuck Todd told Andrea Mitchell.