But what happens when this generation is not engaged in the workplace? It resorts to its amusements on the job. Eighty-five percent of Facebook users log on daily and half say they log on as soon as they open their Internet browser. Estimates of how much time users spend on Facebook per day ranges from 40-149 minutes. This leads to staring at useless information, more clicking, and ultimately less fulfillment on the job.

Thus, not only are our private lives filled with trite distractions, but now our workplaces are as well.

The result? Millennials are depressed. They are more likely to be told that they have a stress disorder or a depression problem than any other generation. It’s because we are bored! We have filled our lives with trinkets and toys, most of which appear on our screens, but all lack any real meaning or substance. Coincidentally, this generation is also the least religious, and that is a shame because faith is one of the few things that can lend real meaning to our lives. Despite all of this, Millennials have a great desire to make an impact. The cliché is that we want to save the world, but we want to do it from behind a computer screen.

So we continue to click keyboards, remotes and themselves while wishing for more money. We continue down a road of mild depression.