At the White House Friday, President Obama will help celebrate Mother’s Day with an event touting the benefits of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, while encouraging moms to cajole the young, healthy and uninsured members of their families to buy health coverage through new marketplaces that will be available to them after Oct. 1.

Obama’s event will tell the stories of women and families who have insurance, or who are benefiting from new aspects of the 2010 law, which is taking effect in phases through next year and beyond. After Jan. 1, the law requires almost all Americans to have health insurance — including federally subsidized coverage — or face a fine.

“Mothers are the number one validator for the young and uninsured and will be critical in the effort to encourage their kids to enroll for insurance in the fall,” a White House official told reporters.

The administration, working from a detailed profile of America’s estimated 30 million uninsured, is partnering with advocacy groups, private providers, and PR firms to help break through years of critical messaging from the law’s opponents, plus confusion about a complex law and what it will cost, or save. The president is expected to encourage the uninsured to step up their “shared responsibility” to possess “minimum essential” health coverage, as mandated by the law.