Gosnell, though a villain in his own right, is also the product of a system that has recklessly abandoned its responsibilities to the public. That we live in a country that monitors the size of our sodas, but fails to monitor our abortion clinics, is a sign of broken politics. That inspections were ceased in an effort to protect women’s rights, only to lead to the egregious abuse of them, is a sign of broken advocacy. Questions need to be asked, gaps need to be filled, and some bureaucrats need to be fired or worse.

This is criminal and inhuman. It is astonishing that a country that calls itself civilized can tolerate the most horrible torture and murder of women and children, mostly minority, with, apparently, the knowing connivance of a “pro-choice” movement that has lost touch with reason and humanity. We would like to know a lot more about the leadership of organizations like Planned Parenthood. Did they know about the wide scale of unconscionable abuses in the shady abortion business? If not, they seem negligent and uninformed. If they knew and were silent, they connived at unspeakable acts.

This blog does not believe in banning abortion or in inserting government bureaucrats into every sexual choice women (and men for that matter) make. But an industry in which this kind of behavior can go on for so long with so little effort by health regulators, politicians or whistleblowers to end the madness is sick unto death. Big changes must come, and come fast.