The Fifth Amendment does not require Miranda warnings — at least that’s what the Supreme Court said for about 30 years after they concocted Miranda out of thin air and pseudo-science. The Constitution forbids coercing a person to provide testimony against himself — i.e., overbearing his will. The Miranda fiction established by the Lawyer Left claims that if the police do not tell you that you have a right to refuse to answer questions and to the free assistance of a lawyer (i.e., to tell you to clam up), you have perforce been coerced into answering. This claim is so ridiculous that the Supreme Court had to start legislating exceptions to Miranda almost as soon as the justices imposed it. But enough is never enough. So now, even when police comply with Miranda — which is overkill anyway since most Americans of this adolescent’s can recite it more readily than they can the words of the national anthem — that, too, is insufficient in the eyes of Miranda champions to guard against coerced confessions.

The Lawyer Left gave us Miranda, but remember that, for them, the “organic” Constitution is always evolving. They will not be satisfied until the courts require that defense lawyers be imposed on post-arrest interrogations, whether the arrestee wants one or not. That will certainly make the interrogations much shorter.