So how far down must we bury the domestic work of sustaining home life for husband and children to satisfy feminists? Why is raising three children not important? Is being a good wife and mother equivalent to playing golf? How so? And aren’t we all, let’s be honest, a little surprised when a brilliant scientist is smart and balanced enough to have built a happy home?

I can’t stand how we act like those scientists who forget to wear pants or tie their shoes are smarter than the ones who do. But it’s also true that many accomplished scientists aren’t having to balance as much as Brill did. Home life is very difficult to manage well and I love the idea that we’d commend a woman for doing that and having been a successful scientist.

Why does being a feminist mean we’re supposed to look down on the science and art of creating a nurturing home life where children are raised well and husbands are kept happy? It’s one of the many places where I find meaning and seek to excel and I just don’t get why being a feminist means you have to spit on it and pretend that it’s less important than rocket science.