But wait–why would DHS drag it’s feet? Remember Krauthammer’s carrot! If legalized illegals pressure the government to speed up the achievement of the triggers, they’ll get green cards faster, no? No. Getting “enforcement done as quickly as possible” wins them nothing, as far as I can see.** They still have to wait 10 years, even if E-Verify is universally implemented in year 4.

In other words, Krauthammer’s second-best “incentive” does not exist. There is no carrot. Legalized “provisionals” have no reason to pressure the government into speedy enforcement (the way they would in a real Enforcement First scheme). But there is a big incentive for immigrant advocates to sue and hold up enforcement until 2023, ten years out, when the whistle blows and they win.

This is all ignoring the biggest factor the law’s language doesn’t discuss–which is that once the bill passes and 11million illegals are legalized, politicians will start competing for the Latino vote by shortening the 10 year path to a green card–to 8 years, or 6 years, and well, why should it matter if the E-Verify system isn’t anywhere close to universal and an exit-Visa system is only in place at a couple of airports?

It sure looks like Krauthammer’ got played.