The 1 million inflow would include at least 350,000 people capable of competing for middle-class skilled jobs sought by the 1.8 million Americans who graduate from university each year.

“I believe in a free-market, but this [inflow] will aggravate the problems for [American] graduates,” Richard Vedder, director of the libertarian Center for College Affordability and Productivity, told The Daily Caller.

The increased inflow numbers suggest “we’re substituting foreign workers for domestic workers, and maybe that makes a certain about of sense” for cost-conscious businesses, he said.

In response, he suggested, colleges could reduce enrollment of U.S. students who will be crowded out of middle-class jobs, even after paying expensive tuition prices. “Why should kids be paying $100,000 to go to college and then get jobs working at Wal-Mart or Target?”