Thus far, the campaign hasn’t provided evidence to support its claim that Democrats were behind the latest surreptitious act. In a statement provided to Politico, Mother Jones said the tape had been provided by a source.

But it also vehemently denies anyone present during the original meeting could have leaked the recording. It’s unclear how many people were present — only a few voices can be heard during the recording. An official with McConnell’s campaign said everyone present was a close ally of the senator.

“It was a very small meeting of senior staff and longtime loyalists — a ‘family meeting’ if you will,” the official said. “No one in that room would have ‘leaked’ anything.”

So far, Republicans have banked hard on their belief that the recording was done by an outside Democratic group. McConnell’s campaign has begun raising money off the accusations, tweeting that the “liberal left is exposed for illegally wiretapping out campaign HQ” while providing a link to a sign-up with the campaign.