When it comes to wackos, this outburst shows Graham and McCain to be birds of a feather. For one thing, at the moment they made that statement it was unclear whether that chemical weapons attack was initiated by the government or by the very guerrillas they’re seeking to aid — or even whether it occurred at all.

Never mind. Any reason to invade is a good reason.

“Under what circumstances would Lindsey Graham oppose sending U.S. troops into a conflict?” asked Christopher Preble when I called him yesterday. “I can’t think of any.”…

Should the Assad regime fall, the neocons would turn on him just as they did after the fall of the Egyptian and Libyan regimes. At first, the neocons credited the uprisings to the “Arab Spring” inspired by Bush’s Iraq adventure. But when the new regimes turned out to be friendly to the radicals who put them in power, the neocons promptly blamed Obama for helping to topple the very dictators they’d been railing against.

Now McCain and Graham want to repeat the exercise. But the party they’re trying to lead isn’t following, said Preble.