This year we’ll go even further, with insurance marketplaces opening nationwide for Americans to purchase the kind of insurance that in many cases was previously unavailable. Starting Oct. 1, tens of millions of Americans will be able to buy private health insurance through these marketplaces – administered at the state and national level – or get health coverage through state Medicaid programs.

In the new marketplaces, families and individuals can choose the benefit plan that fits their needs and budget. The offerings will be more robust, with a minimum set of essential health benefits, free preventive services and limits on out-of-pocket spending.

Where once insurers could deny coverage for any number of reasons, including because of preexisting conditions, they will now be required to sell insurance to everyone. Options will be more transparent than ever and a simplified price structure will help consumers easily make decisions. What’s more, many will be eligible for new subsidies to help keep the plans affordable.

Though these reforms will make insurance more accessible, the marketplace’s success hinges on Americans having the tools they need to participate.