Zerilli says he’s been frustrated over the decades to watch the FBI chase countless tips from publicity hounds seeking attention by saying they know Hoffa’s burial spot — rumors that have included locations around Detroit and the Meadowlands in New Jersey.

“All this speculation about where he is and he’s not,” Zerilli said. “They say he was in a meat grinder. It’s all baloney.”

The truth, Zerilli says, is that Hoffa never got very far from where he was last seen. He believes the union leader’s final resting place is about 20 miles north of the restaurant where he was last scene, in a field in northern Oakland County, Mich.

He was buried in a shallow grave and the plan was to move the body at another time, but Hoffa’s remains were never moved from the first spot where they were buried, Zerilli said.

“Once he was buried here he was buried and they let it go,” Zerilli said.