The Germans also carry their weapons on the secured military base. Their Afghan colleagues, however, must surrender their arms at the gate. An Afghan, a uniform and a loaded weapon can be a deadly combination in this part of the world. Some 50 ISAF soldiers have been shot by Afghans in uniform this year alone. The Taliban proudly boasts that it has managed to infiltrate the local police force. As a precautionary measure, the Kalashnikovs distributed to class 6.2 shortly before 8 a.m. are missing their firing pins. That way means any cartridges smuggled into the training center couldn’t hurt anyone.

Ayatullah, the Afghan police instructor, has the checkpoint set up. “Where is the patrol car?” asks Alex, the German instructor.

Ayatullah hesitates. His superiors didn’t want to hand over the car, he admits. He says they use it to drive home in the evening. They told him to tell the Germans that they would only make the vehicle available if they were given more gasoline.

His superiors are playing buzkashi with squad cars. As a result, class 6.2 practices without a vehicle.