Third, lawmakers should pass a bill mandating that no money can be diverted from Medicare to pay for ObamaCare. Reid will inevitably block a vote in the Senate, and Republicans can use this opportunity to showcase how the Democrats are jeopardizing Medicare benefits for millions of Americans.

Fourth, exposing the Democrats’ hypocrisy is only part of the equation. To show they can do better and protect America’s elderly, the House should also pass a resolution that they will not accept any entitlement reform that reduces benefits for those who are on Medicare and Social Security, or who are about to go into those programs.

Fifth, the House should pass a bill suspending all of those ObamaCare levies that hit next year. If the president and the Democrats were serious about repairing our economy, they wouldn’t be aggressively pushing ahead with the damaging healthcare law and its one trillion dollars in new taxes. Again, call attention to the hypocrisy.