This is not pandering. This is a message of unity, a message that articulates how conservatism drives success among African Americans, whites, young people, women, men–all of us–but that message won’t be maximized until you step away from preach-to-the-choir venues and engage those who aren’t part of the GOP base. It’s not easy. In fact, it’s very hard work. But isn’t it worth it?

Let me add a few things. First, the quality of messengers matters. Charismatic, energetic messengers of conservatism are a must. We live in a world where people often listen to those they can relate to in some way. That’s a fact, so don’t ignore it. Send that pro-life conservative female feminist to a left-leaning women’s group. Send young conservatives to left-leaning college campuses and let the youth debate it out together. That’s not pandering; it’s smart outreach.

When it comes to the youth, I must make a few additional points. I have worked with young people ages three to twenty-five as a teacher, coach, Dean, tutor, and Adviser. Young people pay attention substantially more when they are entertained. The best messengers of the conservative cause to our youth are funny, entertaining, and enthusiastic individuals. We have those people in our movement, and they are the key. You want young people to hear what we’re saying? Send Greg Gutfeld to talk to them; he will make them laugh and they will find themselves questioning every stereotype about conservatives they spent years believing. Invite Steven Crowder to a campus coffeehouse to talk with students about his vision and why it matters.