But the vote was a giant step toward UN recognition of such a thing — that is to say, the creation of a Turtle Bay bolthole for the agglomeration of terrorists, Islamists, cutthroats, thieves and backstabbers who now animate Palestinian politics.

In so doing, the UN lowered its own status — at least in the eyes of folk who believe in what’s supposed to be the once-upon-a-time honorable body’s core values: global peace, security, the rule of law, negotiation. …

What a disgrace: By extending its “Non-member Observer” label to an entity it unilaterally calls “Palestine,” a world body that arose from the ashes of the Second World War and was looked to in desperation to ensure global peace has lent its prestige to a movement bent on the extermination of a peaceful, democratic state: Israel.

Or such prestige as remains, that is. The United Nations has been traveling down this road for some time now.