Another point where Trende was spot on: Team Obama is running a bandwagon campaign. In fact, it has been running such a thing since it won the Iowa Caucus all the way back in early 2008. The idea is to convince the country that Obama is a sure winner – so why not jump on board? Thus, the president and his team have tried to create news at the exact moment the race begins to settle back into a tie. That explains perfectly the timing of the attacks on Romney – Bain Capital, tax returns, and the “47 percent” comment – all meant to inflate Obama’s numbers artificially above the rough 47-47 tie we should be seeing.

What that means is that conservatives should be on guard for Team Obama to try to get the bandwagon moving again – be it through some artificial scandal or just working their contacts in the press to get good coverage for the incumbent. This is, after all, in its very nature; Team Obama must hate the fact that, as of the end of the day yesterday, it was actually down in the national head-to-head polls.