I know Mitt Romney and have spent plenty of one-on-one time with him. As a sports reporter I covered the 2002 Olympics and saw first hand his ability to fix things. I had many friends who worked with him and they all came back with the same story. They were amazed at his ability to lead and succeed.

During my times with Romney I have seen him as very personable, approachable, and caring. Yes, caring. Everything the media has told us he is not.

I arrived late to a meeting a couple years ago with a handful of people in the room (yes, I arrived late for a meeting with Romney,) not to worry, with no chairs in the room, Romney quickly stood up and offered me his. A little thing—a personal thing—but it told me a lot about the man…

A 12 point swing in the Pew Poll doesn’t happen by accident, it only happens when the media lie to the American people about what a candidate is and they figure out the truth on their own.