“Under President Obama, America hasn’t been working,” Romney told the packed theater in advance of Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary. “The ironic tragedy is that the community organizer who wanted to help those hurt by a plant closing became the president on whose watch more jobs were lost than any other time since the Great Depression.”

The former Massachusetts governor, who read his prepared speech from a teleprompter, as he often does with major addresses, spent several minutes ticking off a list of what he called “basic facts” that point to a poorly performing economy on Obama’s watch. He said that 800,000 Americans lost their jobs, 46 million are living in poverty, 2.8 million homes have been foreclosed on and over 2,000 Chrysler and General Motors dealerships have been shuttered.

“For the first time since World War II, our national debt is greater in size than our entire United States economy,” Romney said, later adding, “President Obama did not cause the recession but he most certainly failed to lead the recovery.”

Romney was harshly critical of Obama’s economic stimulus legislation, which he said, “protected government, it did not protect the people.”