This is a wonderful discovery. For a very long time, a broad slice of libertarians, including many professional libertarians, have cultivated a particular political image. They looked down on those who engaged in grubby, traditional, two-party American politics. They snarked at people for selling out their principles in the service of clinging to political power. Indeed, they tended to focus on Republicans as hypocritical, fair-weather friends of small government and free markets.

Those days are over. At least, the days of professional libertarians walking around with upturned noses without everyone pointing and laughing is over. Any notion that professional libertarianism is solely interested in its principles instead of the grubby business of winning elections is done. The high-minded professional libertarian class has jumped off their pedestals and now wallow in the muck with everyone else, demonstrating they will overlook the hideous flaws of their standard-bearer in return for even the mere hope of more national political influence. And for that gift, if for nothing else, we can thank Ron Paul.