But wait… there’s more. US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) delivers a harangue that could have been titled, “All Your Wealth Are Belong To Us,” and the video goes viral. The left lapped up a relatively unvarnished argument that the people are slaves to the state. When Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) was asked “Of every dollar that I earn, how much do you think I deserve to keep?”, there is a reason she did not have an answer. When Fareed Zakaria pines for the US to adopt a parliamentary system, he is tune not only with Sachs, but also Woodrow Wilson, who was not a big fan of separated powers or checks and balances. When a legion of lefty pundits argue that Republican “obstruction” of Obama’s agenda shows that “the system is broken,” they reveal an Orwellian contempt for the system of separated powers our Founders envisioned (and argued for in no less than five of the Federalist Papers) for the protection of our liberties.

This Fall, it seems that liberal fascism is the new black — and it likely will remain in style for the foreseeable future. After all, progressives think they are losing and black is the color for mourning clothes.