Fox News is also raining on the Strip Mall’s parade, reporting that a lot of Gazans can’t afford the mall merchants’ wares. There had to be some reason to build this mall, however, which would lead the analytical reader to deduce that there are some Gazans who aren’t as poor as other Gazans. It seems like an awfully good guess that the less-poor Gazans are pals with Hamas – or are full-fledged members of that touchy organization. Hamas does, after all, rule Gaza.

The thing that’s amazing, though, is just how quickly this seemingly elaborate mall was assembled. I don’t think the world has ever seen anything like it: desperate, impoverished Gaza went from zero to First World-style Shopping Cathedral in less than 30 days. If you didn’t know better, you might almost think some of the construction materials and stock and stuff were sneaked in before Israel started lifting the restrictions in June. I’ve heard one theory that the escalators were smuggled in through the Gaza tunnel network. Of course, it might also be that what Israel’s been saying is true, and non-military goods have been getting into Gaza all along.