Argument by graffiti is distressingly common these days. It often takes the form of crude political slams mixed into movie reviews, sports columns, and other places where the reader is not expecting to be assaulted. It’s one thing to encounter political arguments when a pundit openly expresses the desire to examine the social impact of a pop-culture phenomenon, like The Dark Knight or Avatar. It’s another to get a load of propaganda in the face while enjoying ostensibly non-partisan entertainment. Since the Left dominates popular culture, conservative audiences become accustomed to stepping on these ideological land mines, but the sheer volume of it grows annoying when the Left makes one of its frequent shifts into crusader mode. 2011 is going to be an irritating year.

This kind of guerrilla sloganeering is only shocking when it’s not deployed in the service of liberal ideals. If an environmentalist group had modified some street signs to read “STOP Global Warming – Drive Less,” it would have been the same class of vandalism… but you’d have seen a lot less anger from the media and their man-on-the-street interviewees. There would probably be disclaimers that the message was worthy, but the method of communication showed a regrettable lack of judgment. It happens all the time, when the media report on green, animal rights, or socialist street theater.